Color Substrates

BioZyme, Inc. is currently offering a new product line: Color substrates for a disintegrin and metalloproteinase (ADAM) and matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) family members. The color substrates for MMP and ADAM enzymes are as sensitive as standard FRET substrates.

The substrates use a HRP amplification system as described in the publication: A Colorimetric Amplification System for Proteinases Including MMP2 and ADAM8, Analytical Biochemistry, Moss et al. 2015.

Briefly, a HRP reporter group is conjugated to a peptide of interest. The peptide is then attached to magnetic beads via a 6X His Tag or Streptavidin Tag. Enzymes such as MMP2 or ADAM8 are added to the beads, and then the released product is quantified with standard substrates for HRP. Depending on which substrate for the HRP reporter is used, the assay can be either color, fluorescent, or chemiluminescent.

Currently BioZyme, Inc. has available a color substrate for MMP2 and ADAM8 based on the PEPDAB013 fluorescence substrate, and a general ADAM and MMP color substrate based on the PEPDAB010 fluorescence substrate.

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