Product Sheets

Product Sheets


Here are product sheets for some of BioZyme, Inc. Fluorescence Substrates for MMP and ADAM Family Members. All of these mmp substrates and ADAM substrates were designed originally by BioZyme Inc and tested in house even though some of our competitors sell these substrates. BioZyme Inc has the most competitive pricing on all of our mmp substrates and ADAM substrates.

For other data on specific substrates, see our Specification Sheets in the BioZyme, Inc Catalog.

Most of these substrates have been used in vitro in enzymatic activity assays, and in cell based assays to quantify levels of ADAM and MMP family members. See our publication page for details.

ADAM Substrates

ADAM Substrate (Fluorogenic) – PEPDAB005

ADAM Substrate II (Fluorogenic) – PEPDAB010

ADAM8 Substrate (Fluorogenic) – PEPDAB013

ADAM10 Selective Substrate (Fluorogenic) – PEPMCA001

ADAM10 Selective Substrate II (Fluorogenic) – PEPDAB063

ADAM17 Substrate (Fluorogenic) – PEPDAB064

ADAM17 Selective Substrate (Fluorogenic) – PEPDAB014


MMP Substrates

mmp substrate (Fluorogenic) – PEPDAB008

mmp substrate II (Fluorogenic) – PEPDAB061

mmp9 substrate (Fluorogenic) – PEPDAB052

mmp9 substrate II (Fluorogenic) – PEPDAB017

mmp9 and mmp2 substrate (Fluorogenic) – PEPDAB011