ADAM Substrates

BioZyme Inc. has the biggest selection of ADAM fluorescent substrates for ADAM family members. Some of the ADAM substrates are very selective and can be used to quantify enzyme levels even in the case of other proteolytic impurities.

PEPDAB005 or Flsub21 and PEPMCA002 are the best ADAM substrates known for ADAM12 and were discovered by us and reported in our publication, “Fluorescent substrates for the proteinases ADAM17, ADAM10, ADAM8, and ADAM12 useful for high-throughput inhibitor screening” (See also publication 1). However, they are also excellent substrates for ADAM17(TACE), ADAM10, and ADAM8. PEPDAB005 has also been used in clinical samples to assess correlations with diseases such as breast cancer and inflammatory endometriosis (See publication 2 and publication 3). Also see our product sheet for PEPDAB005. PEPDAB005 is currently sold by our competitors, Enzo life sciences and Sigma-Aldrich. However we offer the best pricing on this substrate as well as our other products. We are currently offering a new promotional price for PEPMCA002, 1mg, 80 USD.

PEPDAB010 or Flsub10 is based on the cleavage sequence of precursor TNF-alpha, a substrate for ADAM17(TACE). Many versions of our ADAM substrate, PEPDAB010, are sold by our competitors such as Enzo life sciences, Sigma-Aldrich, and R and D Systems.  However, our substrate has the best sensitivity and pricing available. PEPDAB010 is also efficiently cleaved by ADAM9 and to a lesser degree by ADAM10. See publication 4. PEPDAB010 has also been used in single cell assays to assess activity of ADAM17 after PMA stimulation. See publication 5.

PEPDAB013 or Flsub13 is a highly selective ADAM8 substrate and is efficiently cleaved by this enzyme. It has been used in biological samples to assess active ADAM8 concentrations. It has also been used in clinical samples to detect breast cancer. See publication 1 and our product sheet for PEPDAB013.

PEPDAB014 is an ADAM17 selective substrate. It is not processed efficiently by many MMPs, nor other ADAM family members. It can be used alone or in combination with a MMP inhibitor such as Marimastat to quantify the amount of active TACE present and has been used in biological samples such as urine, serum, and cellular assays. See our product sheet for PEPDAB014 and publication 4.

PEPMCA001, an ADAM10 selective substrate based on the TENtide sequence in Caescu, et al. See publication 6. This substrate has MCA/DNP as the fluorophore pair, rather than Dabcyl/FAM.

PEPDAB063, an ADAM10 selective substrate based on the TENtide sequence in Caescu, et al, but specifically designed for cell based assays. This substrate is a highly sensitive substrate for ADAM10 and has the Dabcyl/FAM fluorophore pair. See our product sheet for PEPDAB063.

PEPDAB064, our most sensitive and selective ADAM17 or TACE substrate based on the TACEtide peptide in Caescu, et al, publication 6. Also see our product sheet for PEPDAB064.